Companies that join our cause get exclusive access to a comprehensive marketing campaign over the greater Sydney and Melbourne areas & face-to-face selling opportunities.

Partnership Opportunities

Want to generate leads & increase sales?

As an exhibitor, you will benifit from a key targeted audience that will suit your brand and who are ready to make a purchase from you. With visitor numbers to exceed 35K, this event is a great opportunity to build new leads in a shorter time.

Looking for a great branding opportunity?

There’s nothing more important than helping people.  This event is aimed at raising awareness for men’s health and well-being.  Your Support will greatly help our mission. Call us today to discuss the opportunities available to be a part of this great event.

Want millions of views for your company?

Come on board as our main sponsor of our event and get your branding included in all of our marketing material, both off-site and on.  We are expecting a marketing reach of 5 million views.


Sales & LeadGen


Brand & Goodwill


Marketing Exposure


Customer Feedback


MCE will be delivering an extremely high impact marketing campaign across Greater Sydney and beyond which will ensure that the event is highly exposed to the potential marketplace.

MCE will be taking marketing measures outside the box to reach the right audience that will be right for your business.

Our visitor numbers are expected to exceed 20,000 in numbers over the two day event.

We aim to achieve a higher return on investment for our exhibitors.

Mens Health is a big issue that is sometimes forgotten. The Man Cave Experience endeavours to deliver an event that not only brings joy to the everyday man through our hobbies and interest, but will also bring awareness to the varied streams of help and organisations available to men who may need to reach out for some personal advice be it medical, emotional or social.

In many cases, many men may not even be aware that there are such organisations who could make their world so much better, MCE hopes to bring these opportunities to light so that we may all have the opportunity to a better life.

We want to partner with business owners who are looking for long-term opportunities and a high return on their investment. Our company culture is one of ensuring that what we do benefits everyone involved. We want to make a difference and support men’s health issues – it’s about making a difference.  That’s our culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

MCE 2018 presents a range of partnership categories specifically tailored to provide maximum exposure and return on investment. By partnering with MCE, you can maximise opportunities to engage directly with the 20,000+ attendees.

Our packages offer sponsors the opportunity to;
Build brand awareness and create new business opportunities
Align your business with the high achievers of the market place
Endorse the exchange of industry best practise and innovation
Take advantage of a targeted range of promotional, advertising and distribution channels

Early commitment will ensure increased exposure so contact us today. 

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